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Air Intake Filters

We are manufacturers and exporters of air intake filters. Polyfil high efficiency particulate air intake filters are available in the range of 2 micron to 0.3 micron. The application varies from commercial air conditioning and ventilation to critical requirements in clean room, hospital operation theatre and electronic industries etc. The filters are manufactured from the most suitable high quality glass fibre filter media and while manufacturing atmost care is taken to meet the requirements of the customers, adhering to total quality control. Polyfil filters are subjected to stringent quality control through all international testing standard as per BS, ASHRAE etc., with our state-of-the-art testing equipments at our modern plant at Faridabad, India.

Air Intake Filters Range


These filters are manufactured from various synthetic and HDP fabric filter media and all materials are sourced from highly reputed manufacturers. These filters are normally used for compressor intake, air conditioning and ventilation, generator Rooms and G.T. Intakes. Microvee filters are available in different thickness and configurations.

These filters are made of synthetic, HDP or wire mesh media, specially crimped and pleated as per customer's specification. Sometimes glass fibre pads may also be used in various thicknesses, depending on the machine requirement. Pre filters are available in different thickness and configuration.

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