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HVAC Filters

Indoor air is often more polluted (typically two to five times more and occasionally 100 times more) than outdoor air. Good indoor air quality depends on a number of factors, including effective filtration, which provides the primary defense for building occupants and HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) equipment against particular pollutants.

G D F C Ltd. who are world class manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of variety of HVAC filters, offer HVAC filter elements specially designed to meet the exact specification and demand of our valued customers. These filters are suitable for air intake and exhaust systems in different applications like commercial air-conditioning & ventilation, critical working places like hospital operation theaters, clean room for sophisticated electronic components manufacturing places. These HVAC air filters are manufactured from the most suitable high quality material with both imported and indigenous media.


From process to finish, atmost care is taken while manufacturing, to ensure the specification and standard of our discerning customers. This is the reason why our HVAC filters provide:

· Excellent Moisture resistance.
· Broad temperature tolerance and performance
· High scores in flammability tests.

We are fully equipped with efficient production equipment, state-of-the-art testing as per international standard. Our expert team of engineers ensure that every POLYFIL brand filter is flawless and confirms to the highest quality standards.

The pleated air filters used in HVAC systems are made with a wide range of materials (media), including fiberglass, polyester, cotton, paper and synthetic non-woven materials.

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