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O Rings

AS perfectionists that we have always been, we make standard and non- standard O rings for most demanding services.

We mould these o-rings using individual insert cavities for the tightest tolerance on parting lines available. Large diameter o-rings can be "cut and joined". We specialize in Rubber O rings for

  • high pressure applications
  • chemical resistant applications and
  • High temperature applications.

When a customer invests in a high-pressure gas re-injection project the last thing we want is, to have them shutdown their multi-million dollar investment all because of faulty seals. An unexpected lubricant or the introduction of corrosion inhibitors in the gas stream is all it takes to destroy a poorly formulated sealing compound. Likewise, an unexpected change in the gas composition, such as excessive carbon dioxide or hydrogen sulfide, sour gas, can wreak similar trouble. G D F C Ltd. formulates its high pressure seals for assurance against aggressive chemicals and gases while maintaining the ultimate mechanical properties in the seals.

A rapid decrease in pressure for seals in high-pressure applications can be a recipe for failure. In fact, elastomers have a predictable swelling response in high-pressure gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, and hydrogen sulfide (sour gas). The destructive consequences of this swelling is not so much during the absorption of the gas but when the system pressure is suddenly relieved. It is for this purpose that we take the utmost care while manufacturing our
O rings.

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