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Rubber Gaskets

As acclaimed manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of premium quality rubber gaskets we can design, manufacture and deliver typical composite gaskets of silicone (or other appropriate materials). These rubber gaskets when bonded to steel gasket design enable both high and low pressure sealing on surface pockets of any size and dimension. Our design allows you to establish a low compression set seal in small surface areas. We provide our rubber gaskets to industries like:

  • Transmission access cover seal
  • Fuel filler seal and quick connector seal
  • Camshaft rocker cover
  • Fuel tank (automotive, aircraft, and military vehicles)
  • Chemical process industry
  • Quick fit fluid connector fittings

In these applications one needs a high integrity rubber seal that performs over an extended life, to provide an environment free of surprises or trouble. Our silicone rubber gasket material offers temperature resistance, weather (UV and ozone) resistance, and fire resistance (our materials conform to Low Smoke Low Toxicity requirements). Silicone rubber has very good compression set resistance allowing it to maintain a proper seal over a life span of many years.

Our seals and gaskets are normally manufactured by molding. Silicone rubber offers the advantages of lower molding pressures compared to organic rubber, as well as low toxicity and low odor. For special applications, silicone rubber can be over-molded.

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